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Collide "Complete Music Package"

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Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials
I am a 38 year old fan and over the past year or so have collected all the CD's, the DVD and 2 shirts. I am very impressed by the customer service and also the sheer gratitude that the band shows by communicating with us and offering mementos of signed notes regarding same, as well as signing items we order ( if we remember to ask-LOL ). Further to that and most importantly, the music is absolutely amazing and addictive. In my lifetime of listening to music, Collide certainly rates up there in my top bands EVER. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to see them live soon after a friend introduced me to them.

We love you Collide !!


I just got my order for 4 of your albums, I'm the dude that asked about getting some autographs. Thanks! You guys fucking rock!

Adam Gaskins

I recently received your CDs in the mail not too long ago, and I really dig them. I was convinced when I downloaded a couple of songs from your website to get a taste of what was in store, and I can't say that I was disappointed, to say the least.

Awesome industrial sound, mixed with Goth and techno, and wonderfully deep, rich lyrics. I can't help but to turn up the stereo when I listen to both of them. I hope this leads to your music going mainstream, because this can't stay underground forever.

Thanks again for the CDs. They are great!

Rick Hunter

I recieved your cd and t-shirt :) I love the cd. you guys are one of the few "newer" bands that impress me soo much. i am an old new wave/industrial head from the mid 80's into the 90's i recently got back into darkwave stuff. i found alot of bands to be boring, but i also found Faith and the Muse. i ordered from them and when i recieved the items, there was a flyer for Collide. so thanks to them for opening my eyes to yet another band that kicks ass !!! i have heard alot of bands over the years, and i have grow to be very picky (hehe) but "some kind of strange" is up there with some of my favorites !!!

Dennis, connecticut.

Hi, I just thought I'd let you know I got it today! Thanx for the freebees too! My girlfriend and I are new but growing fans of Collide. I'm sure she'll flip out when I give her the Vortex CD and 2 t-shirts to boot! Again, thanx!

Mark Robertson and Philippa

I just wanted to say a very big thank-you to you for the post cards, sticker and signed card you sent me with the new album, it was really kind of you and shows you really care about your fans :o)

Thanks again,

I would have written this sooner, but I haven't been feeling well lately. I recieved my CDs in the mail early last week, and I wanted to thank you. For the CD's, for signing them, and for the wonderful experience I've had listening to them. Karin, you have the most beautiful, sensual and haunting voice I have ever heard. And Statik, you are an extremely talented composer. Your music, to put it simply, is amazing. Your lyrics, and your music as a whole has reached me, and for that, I thank you.

Take care of yourselves, and thank you once again.

First off I just wanted to say I love Vortex! I listen to it at work, at home, and in the car! "The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum" is my fav right now, it has a personality all its own! I just recently became a Collide fan, you don't hear much great music like yours out here in Parker Colorado, mostly country and Rap. I bought Vortex, Some Kind of Strange, Chasing the Ghost, A few saints and sinners metal items (they are killer awesome!) and a T-shirt. It was incredible to order something over the Internet and have quality items sent to you! Once bought some tapestries from (something like that), it has been 3 months, no products, but they sure did take the $50+ out of my account! For someone like me 19 years old and living on my own, $50 is like two weeks worth of spending money! Anyway, I loved the signed card, it was a special little treat! I am for sure going to be a fan for a long long time!


Hi! I recently received my order, so I wanted to thank Jade, Statik (!) and the rest of the crew for taking care of everything, especially for the signed CD, poster and for the free hot keychain! The mirror compact from “Saints and Sinners” is wonderful… I just love your art all around!

Take care and don’t get fed to the lions!
Thanx again! You guys are the best!

Chris, New Jersey

I want to tell you that I was very surprised and pleased at the speed with which I received the three CD's I ordered. I placed the order on a Wednesday afternoon and received them on Friday morning. I am also happy to tell you that Collide has become one of if not my favorite musical group. There is not a single song on any of the 3 CD's that I do not like. As a matter of fact if I was asked to choose my favorite CD of the three I couldn't because they are all excellent. KaRIN has a beautiful voice which blends flawlessly with Statik's music, and Statik does a phenomenal job of engineering the mix. In closing I'd like to say that you have one extremely pleased new fan.

Tom Oriole

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