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Collide "Complete Music Package"
Collide "Complete Music Package"

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 Collide "Bent and Broken"   Collide "Bent and Broken"
23 remixes from Two Headed Monster and Counting to Zero, 2 new cover songs, and 1 new unreleased song.. (cd is available autographed as an option) For published reviews on this CD, click here Bent and Broken (2 CDs) Bent 1. Mind Games (cEvin Key/Ken 'HiWatt' Marshall Mix) Remixed by cEvin Key/Ken 'HiWatt' Marshall[listen] 1. Orgy[listen] 
3. Bent and Broken
[listen] 4. In the Frequency (Great Apes Mix) Remixed by Tom Gipson[listen] 
5. She Makes Me[listen] 6. . . . More Info
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "Counting to Zero"   Collide "Counting to Zero"
(full length cd) 1. Bending and Floating [listen] 2. Lucky 13 [listen] 3. Mind Games [listen] 4. In the Frequency [listen] 5. Clearer [listen] 6. Counting to Zero[listen] 7. Human [listen] 8. Tears Like Rain [listen] 9. Further From Anything [listen] 10. Slow Down [listen] 11. Letting Go [listen] check out reviews from this album here
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "These Eyes Before"   Collide "These Eyes Before"
1. Breathe [listen] 2. Nights In White Satin [listen] 3. Come Together [listen] 4. Creep [listen] 5. Rock On [listen] 6. I Feel You [listen] 7. Space Oddity [listen] 8. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing [listen] 9. Tusk [listen] 10. Comfortably Numb [listen]) This is an album of classic and amazing songs, all done with that Collide twist. For published reviews on this CD, click here
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "Two Headed Monster"   Collide "Two Headed Monster"
1. Tongue Tied & Twisted[listen] 2. Chaotic [listen] 3. A Little Too Much [listen] 4. Pure Bliss [listen] 5. Spaces In Between[listen] 6. Silently Creeping [listen] 7. Head Spin[listen] 8. Two Headed Monster [listen] 9. Shifting[listen] 10. Utopia[listen] Collide return once again...luring you into their deep dark smoky den. Two Headed Monster hits with a slam. The alchemical blend that they concoct feels dark and surreal, sensual and twisted...a pure delight for the senses. Yo . . . More Info
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver"   The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver"
Ultrashiver (full length CD) 1. Touch [listen] 2. Am I Here? [listen] 3. Every Little Thing [listen] 4. Beautiful Noise Machine [listen] 5. Blacker Than Blue [listen] 6. SoulCreeper [listen] 7. Shooting Laser Beams [listen] 8. Forwards and Sideways [listen] 9. Shiver X [listen] 10. Imaginate [listen] For those of you who don't know, The Secret Meeting is a collaboration between kaRIN & Statik of Collide, and Dean Garcia of Curve. Ultrashiver, their debut release, is an intox . . . More Info
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 The Secret Meeting "Shooting Laser Beams" (CD super single)   The Secret Meeting "Shooting Laser Beams" (CD super single)
The Secret Meeting "Shooting Laser Beams" CD super-single 1. Shooting Laser Beams (Aspersion-Carsondayradio Mix)[listen] 2. Shooting Laser Beams (Unfrozen in Time Mix)[listen] 3. Shooting Laser Beams (DJOs In Memoriam Mix)[listen] 4. Blacker Than Blue (The Humble Brothers Mix)[listen] 5. Shooting Laser Beams (Hypersilent Kryptonite Bullets Mix)[listen] 6. Shooting Laser Beams (Outer Limits Mix)[listen] 7. Shooting Laser Beams (Throes v.3 Mix)[listen] 8. Deep Freeze (previously unrele . . . More Info
 $6.99  Buy Now 
 The Secret Meeting "Shiver X" (CD single)   The Secret Meeting "Shiver X" (CD single)
The Secret Meeing"Shiver X" CD single 1. Shiver X (The Shiver XL Mix) mixed and produced at the LAB by Dean Garcia [listen] 2. Stargazing (previously unreleased) mixed by Statik at Noiseplus Studios [listen] 3. Shiver X (Tripper X Mix) mixed by DJ Phrancis [listen] 4. Shiver X (Dreamscape Mix) mixed by Malice Vext [listen] 5. Shiver X (Sibling Mix) mixed by Zerostereo [listen]> 6. Shiver X (Foundation 451 Mini-mix) violated by Dayvv [listen] 7. Shiver X (Seizure X) mixed by Aar . . . More Info
 $6.99  Buy Now 
 Collide "Live At The El Rey"   Collide "Live At The El Rey"
The CD was recorded April 14th 2005 at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. The album was digitally recorded into a Pro-Tools HD system, and mixed by Statik. Expanded to a six-piece, the live iteration of Collide brings new dimensions to familiar songs. Guitarists Scott Landes and Rogerio Silva weave alternately processed and raw riffs around Kai Kurosawa's percussive bass and Chaz Pease's thunderous drumming. Statik stands omnipresent behind his electronics, as the virtua . . . More Info
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "Vortex"   Collide "Vortex"
(2-CDs) CD 1 1. Euphoria - Emirian Mix - Charlie Clouser [listen] 2. Feed Me to the Lions [listen] 3. Slither Thing - Amish Rake Fight Mix - Mike Fisher [listen] 4. Razor Sharp - Dull Mix - Wade Alin [listen] 5. Like you want to Believe - Antistatic Mix - Remko vander Spek [listen] 6. The Lunatics Have Taken over the Asylum [listen] 7. Predator - Final Mix - Collide [listen] 8. Crushed - 5AM Heavenly Mix - Dave Simpson [listen] 9. Wing of Steel - Core Mix - Nils Schulte [l . . . More Info
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "Some Kind of Strange"   Collide "Some Kind of Strange"
(full length CD) 1. Crushed [listen] 2. Euphoria [listen] 3. Modify [listen] 4. Somewhere [listen] 5. Slither Thing [listen] 6. Inside [listen] 7. Mutation [listen] 8. Tempted [listen] 9. Shimmer [listen] 10. Complicated [listen] 11. So Long [listen] This item is also available as a limited edition, signed by kaRIN and Statik For published reviews on this CD, click here
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "Chasing the Ghost"   Collide "Chasing the Ghost"
(full length CD) 1. Transfer [listen] 2. Wings of Steel [listen] 3. Razor Sharp [listen] 4. Dreamsleep [listen] 5. White Rabbit [listen] 6. Frozen [listen] 7. Halo [listen] 8. Monochrome [listen] 9. Ocean [listen] 10. Like You Want To Believe [listen] This item is also available as a limited edition, signed by kaRIN and Statik For published reviews on this CD, click here
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "Distort"   Collide "Distort"
(full length CD) (total running time 76:14) 1. Pandora's Box - opened remix (version 2.0) remixed by Statik (2006) 2. Son of Preacher Man - Bat remix remixed by Statik 3. Falling Up - Egypt remix remixed by Spirits In Sin 4. Whip It - (Version 3.0) remixed by Statik (2006) 5. Beneath the Skin - Razors Edge remix remixed by Das Ich 6. Obsession - (Version 3.0) remixed by Statik (2006) 7. Violet's Dance - Abstract Dub Fuck remixed by Alien Fakto . . . More Info
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Collide "Beneath the Skin"   Collide "Beneath the Skin"
(full length CD) 1. Violet's Dance [listen] 2. Beneath the Skin [listen] 3. Falling Up [listen] 4. Deep [listen] 5. Black [listen] 6. Strange [listen] 7. Dreams & Illusions [listen] 8. Have Faith [listen] 9. Pandora's Box [listen] 10. 95&7 [listen] 11. Deep (Christ Analogue remix) [listen] 12. Beneath the Skin (cEvin kEy remix) [listen] This item is also available as a limited edition, signed by kaRIN and Statik For published reviews on this CD, click here
 $12.00  Buy Now 
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